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Shrink Film

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Shrink Film

      Shrink film is the trade name for plastic used for product wrapping such as bottled water packs or product boxes. It provides tertiary packaging and physical protection for the target products. Under certain heating condition, shrink film will be shrunk and deformed into the shape of the products it enwraps around. Raw materials for shrink film are normally PVC (stiff) or LDPE (flexible). We produce and deliver shrink film in the form of stock roll for use with automatic shrink-wrapping machine during final packing process.

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Application: Chilled, frozen, on shelf

What are the properties of shrink film?

Shrink film is a film for wrapping products. which is the trade name or in the industry of plastic used to wrap various products such as water bottles packs or wrap the box. This type of plastic shrinks according to the nature of the encapsulated item when heated by a hot blowing device. Generally, shrink films are produced from PVC (rigid transparent film) and LDPE (elastic film) pellets. Express Plaspack (Thailand) Co., Ltd. will produce shrink films as stock roll for customers to use with the auto shrink wrapping machine in the packing process.


Shrink Film


The functions of shrink film are as follows.

     - Wrap the product to look beautiful Shrink film reduces scratches that can occur from transporting goods.
     - Protect the product from various impurities Shrink film prevents the packaging from being directly exposed to dust and foreign matter.
     - Prevent product damage. The toughness of the shrink film prevents the product from being damaged before it reaches the user's hand.
     - Easy to transport because the shrink film makes the products come together into a pack, moving from the manufacturer to the distributor to the consumer's hand such as milk cartons, fruit juices, water bottle packs, etc.

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